barbara duncan Barbara Duncan—Been singing since I was three and my parents stood me on a chair to reach the microphone. "You Are My Sunshine" was my first song. My parents played country music, and my dad is still calling square dances in central Pennsylvania.
John Harper Duncan John Harper Duncan—My son John is a champion bluegrass fiddler and mandolin player who fiddles with Buncombe Turnpike based in Asheville N.C.
Kimbo Reichley Kimbo Reichley—Kimbo plays bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin on "Only a Dollar", and adds harmony vocals. Kimbo is a great blues singer and bass player with the Blind Chitlin Kahunas.
Joe De Christopher Joe De Cristopher—lead guitar player extraordinaire, Joey played with the band Fred when we were at Bucknell. Some of Fred's tracks have recently been re-released, and you can catch Joe's political and humorous songwriting on YouTube.
Doug McMinn Doug McMinn—saxophone and clarinet. Doug's solos here say it all. Based in Williamsport,Pa., Doug is also a writer and journalist.

Joel Vincent—drums. Joel also plays with the Blind Chitlin Kahunas.

Steve Mitchell—hand drum on Otzinachson. Steve is a Grammy-winning percussionist from central Pennsylvania.

recording and production

Kimbo Reichley is a great producer and recording engineer. Can't say enough good things. Kimbo's Studio link:


Elody Gyekis--Cover design. Elody received her BFA in Painting and Ceramics from Penn State in 2009 and has coordinated community mural projects in Harrisburg, Penns Valley, Williamsport and State College, Pennsylvania.

Pearl Duncan--Cover photo. Pearl Duncan (my daughter!) has just gotten into photography and did a beautiful job setting up this photo on the banks of the Little Tennessee River

Shan Goshorn--Back cover photo. Shan is an artist and activist who is an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, she is a photographer, mixed media artist, basket weaver, and rehabilitator of songbirds. Her work has been shown at the National Museum of the American Indian, Gilcrease Museum, and in shows at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, in Florence, London, and around the U.S. See her work at: